RJ’s Story

Coming from a proud family rooted by grandparents who served in the military and police force, RJ made his way from New Jersey to the DC area to pursue higher education at George Mason University. Over the years, he worked his way up the government contracting ranks running the rat race like those around him.

Chilled mind, body, and soul, RJ and his family visited Charleston, SC on a whim and left owning a plot of land they now call home. Warmed by the Lowcountry with its slower, steadier pace, he grew into the best man he needed to be for his family, friends, community, and country. 

Wandering through Charleston’s nostalgic sites paying homage to service and sacrifice, RJ began feeling the overwhelming need to sufficiently thank those who had given their all for their neighbors. What started with wearing supportive apparel and volunteering turned into the draw for a give-back lifestyle lived each and every day. 

After a disturbing and disheartening phone call with a dear friend and Marine veteran suffering from PTSD, RJ knew we, as a community, had to do better.

Fueled by passion and purpose, he was compelled to answer a lifelong call to act on the respect he felt for and the desire to recognize those who serve and their families. 

The time had come to go to work. In 2021, he founded RJ’s Mission, the lifestyle apparel brand and advocacy initiative seeking to serve those who serve us through awareness, education, and support.  

Driven to curate valuable content, create meaningful connections and engage his community, RJ’s Mission exists to care for those in service – veterans, active duty members, first responders, and their families – as they care for us each and every day. 

A juggernaut by nature, RJ is a force with launching this new venture while holding down his full-time role with a large government contractor. In those few quiet moments, before the day begins, you may find RJ sipping his favorite coffee before heading to the back porch to stare off into the rural John’s Island woods that never end, only to think about how amazing his life is, yet to realize he has more to give back.