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Ways To Get Involved

Serving in your local community

There are many great programs helping Military and First Responder communities. We strive to find volunteering opportunities with like-minded organizations such as Solidiers’ Angels, in order to support our mission to start giving back to those that have served and are currently serving. 


Soldiers’ Angels

They gave us our starting line with an enormous amount of resources to begin showing our gratitude and thanks. RJ’s Mission participates in the monthly Soldiers’ Angels Veteran Food Distribution and care packages and letters to our deployed service members.  Whether you want to volunteer for in-person support or virtual, the opportunities are endless ranging from special campaigns to virtual volunteering, such as sending care packages and baked goods for the troops, or simple as writing letters to our deployed men and women.  There is so much support we can give, and the opportunities are endless.  Please check out Soldiers’ Angels to register for support now, and you will feel so moved by the most amazing feeling of serving others.

Why we serve:

Post 9/11 Veterans

  • 2.5 million post-9/11 military Veterans served our nation
  • 80% spent some time in an overseas combat zone
  • 60% under the age of 34

Contact Information:   |  (210) 629-0020

Scars and Stigmas

  • 71% of Americans don’t understand our Veterans’ challenges
  • 13%-20% are diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress
  • 22% are diagnosed with Depressive Disorder
  • 1/3 who need mental health care sought treatment
  • 22 Veterans commit suicide daily, 1 roughly every 80 minutes
  • Over 48,000 Veterans are homeless or at risk
  • 200,000 service members since 2002 suffered from Traumatic Brain Injuries